Lights, Camera, Kiss Me (Original) - The 2012 Version


This book has had a remarkable journey, enjoying significant success in the early 2010s. From being featured on Wattpad to Cosmopolitan, the success of this book gave me the confidence to pursue writing with my own original characters, rather than relying on those from fandoms.

However, it is not without its flaws. Over the past 11 years, I have grown significantly as a writer. When I look back on this book, I can see its shortcomings. The characters are not as fully developed as they would be if I were to write it today. Mac, in particular, comes across as somewhat weak, easily swayed by her desire for Ryan. I also used head hopping as a way to build the tension - something I no longer do. Nevertheless, I still believe in Mac’s growth arc, and I cherish the nostalgia and joy I felt while writing it.

I embarked on the arduous editing process for this book between 2018 and 2020, wrestling with the question of its publishability. Ultimately, I reached the difficult decision that it would require significant upheaval, and the risk of losing the essence I cherished most about it deterred me from attempting a complete overhaul. Ironically, it would have been easier to write an entirely new book rather than fix this one. Consequently, it has served as a time capsule, representing the era it was born into and reflecting my growth as a writer. It became a nostalgic piece, something to say, "Hey, look what I wrote 11 years ago."

Although I initially chose not to publish it, I have now decided to give this book an official makeover. As we approach the 11th anniversary of this story, and in conjunction with the release of "Lights, Camera, Pretend to Love Me (Too Hot for TV)" in serialized format exclusively for my paid subscribers, I believe the timing is right to incorporate the edits and provide this book with a renewed appearance. However, I understand that many of you hold a special fondness for the original version and have a nostalgic attachment to it. Instead of erasing it entirely, I present to you the cherished and untouched original edition.

Please note: all mistakes and author notes have been kept.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3